Case Studies

eBook Conversion from PDF and Other Source Files

Cameo was chosen as the eBook production partner by one of the world’s largest content aggregator and distributor because of its proven track record for setting and meeting high standards of quality and for its expertise in conversion from numerous file formats, including InDesign, Quark, Printer PDF, hardcopy, scanned PDF and more. See More

eBook Transformations for Kindle from Multiple Source Types

A leading book publisher wanted its published books of all categories to be digitized into eBooks with Kindle compatibility in a quick turnaround time. The client expected nearly 1,000,000 pages to be converted per month. Cameo, in turn, produced 1,100,000 pages per month to complete the project within five months instead of the given seven months. See More

Taking the Reins of Journals Market

One of the largest online publishers of STM journals wanted the output of its journals in various formats such as PDF, LaTex, XML, XHTML, and ePub. The client’s core emphasis was on quality. It was a challenging project for Cameo since it was necessary to deliver large volumes of files with very high levels of quality. Cameo, with its in-house production tools – developed to accomplish a series of production and quality control tasks – Successfully delivered triple the volume of the journals with the highest quality in the required formats in a record time of only one month. See More

Online Reference Database Creation

The client is a renowned online publisher of STM journals, which has established itself as a leader in building the ultimate Open Science platform. The client required developing a reference database with PubMed Ref IDs from The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. Cameo, with its extensive experience in database development, created a tool to automate the extraction of millions of PubMed Ref IDs from the website and incorporating them into the Client’s reference database. See More

Digital Conversion of Online XML Files to eBook Formats

The client’s current XML repository required many amendments and conversion into ePub and MOBI formats. The repository was huge and there was a need for a customized service that addressed all its content enrichment requirements, all done with a strong focus on quality and a and a rapid turn-around-time. See More