Content Management

Over the past several years, publishers have experienced an explosive growth in the amount of their digital assets. As a result, there is an unprecedented need for expert management of these assets, from repurposing of content from print-only to single source / multiple outputs to building new products to the use of tables of content, sample chapters, images, and more. This content/digital asset management is nothing less than crucial to your company's long-term marketing viability.

To assist you with this, Cameo provides Digital Asset Management services for archival, retrieval, tracking, manipulation, re-purposing, interaction with, and transaction of all types of digital media, including text documents, illustrations, images, audio files, and video files.

Our end-to-end DAM solution comprehensively assists you in the processes of creation, manipulation, distribution, and access/retrieval of digital assets, with several component workflows. We have in-house developed Digital Content Management software designed for rapid performance, maximum flexibility, web-based maintenance, and excellent security.

By relying on our Digital Content Management, you benefit from expert creation, organization, and delivery of your information. Leaving you free to devote more intellectual and financial resources toward further enhancing your market share.

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