eBooks and Apps


Cameo helped write the book on digitizing content. Starting with extensive work in the medical records business, we later rolled out our expertise to serve leading publishers and other organizations around the world. Today, our laser-focused services can help you convert content from print into eBooks and other cutting-edge delivery media.

Cameo’s expertise and production capabilities can help you successfully undertake large-scale conversion projects. We’ve assembled a world-class team to handle any in-demand conversion such as:

  • Printed books to ePub
  • Word file to ePub
  • XML to ePub
  • HTML to ePub
  • Quark and InDesign to ePub
  • PDF to ePub
  • RTF to ePub

Cameo offers superior color-book scanners capable of handling all popular formats, such as ePub, OeB, and much more.

eBook and App Development

Leveraging its expertise in delivering digital content, Cameo leads the way in developing sophisticated, engaging eBooks and apps for our publisher clients.

Cameo provides innovative apps for delivering content across many subject areas, for clients in industries ranging from publishing to higher education to banking and finance. This deep level of knowledge can help maximize the efficiency and profitability of delivering content in new and exciting technological ways.

Contact us by email at contactepub@cameoindia.com or call (813) 785 – 6417 to learn more about how we can help you.